What we do

The ICOSER Servizi di Ingegneria Integrata S.r.l. plays an active role in all the sectors of Real Estate, from the promotion of areas to the improvement in finished product marketing. It’s able to plan, project and realize important turnkey estate interventions for residential, commercial, industrial and hotel buildings. All this is possible thanks to a managerial vision that attracts investors’ attention and forms the basis for a partnership with operators from around the world.

The entrepreneurial philosophy the ICOSER S.r.l. follows, makes possible a good interpretation of the “global real estate” by searching for and realizing real estate solutions with sure results.
The ICOSER S.r.l. is a General Building Company working on both private and public sector, that participates in tenders to achieve important public works and the turnkey process in the following sectors:

House, industrial and hotel building
Convention building’s lodgings
School, hospital and churchyard building
Repairs and restructuring
Works of primary and secondary urbanization
Works of road network and transport
Works of sewerage system and aqueduct
Realization of sports facilities

The ICOSER S.r.l.’s strength point is based on its multidisciplinary qualified team with a long term experience due to the achievement of high quality works.

This value added has allowed the ICOSER S.r.l. to deal on national and international market in the sector of integrated engineering, making it gain a strategic role in the process of modernization and development of its own divisions. So the firm can be placed in a narrow circle of engineering companies that work on behalf of private and public customers with ability, quality and reliability.

The specilized know-how and the engineering tradition due to lots of interventions, allow the ICOSER S.r.l. to warrant sure results in the followins divisions:


Engineering services

Feasibility analysis
Technical and economic advice
Environmental impact assessment
Preliminary, definite and executive planning
Service of verification during the design for validation purpose
Works, measurements and accounting management
Safety coordination during planning and execution
Expropriated proceedings for public utility
Special topographic surveys

Project Management

Planning coordination during the realization
Planning and control of the realization’s terms
Budget creation and price control
Contracts and purchases management
Periodic reports about works’ situation

Real estate service

Real estate development and operating advice
Use of specialized figures, such as User- Promoter- Investor
Complex valuation of fixed assets
Business patrimonial readjustment by activating share swap and real estate change
Organizing support for financial management in the real estate sector
Administrative and maintenant management of real estate